package "Client" as AB{
    interface " " as START
    [pyramid_urireferencer] as RP
    START -> RP

node "UriRegistry" as UR{
  [Registry] as REG

package "Application 1" as A1{
    [pyramid_urireferencer] as RP1

package "Application 2" as A2{
    [pyramid_urireferencer] as RP2

REG -> RP1
REG -> RP2
RP1 -> REG
RP2 -> REG


A client queries the registry with a certain URI, eg. The registry checks if it knows any applications that might be using this URI. It discovers that two applications could possibly be using it. Both applications are queried. In each application a pyramid_urireferencer.referencer.AbstractReferencer has been configured that can check if an incomming URI is in use in the application. The results are sent back to the registry. The registry tallies the results and aggregates them. A final response is sent back to the client.


This pluging will expose a service at /references. This service endpoint will take a single parameter, uri. A full request looks like eg. /references?uri= Within the application, a check will be executed to see if the application keeps references to this particular URI.

The plugin also provides a method pyramid_urireferencer.referencer.Referencer.is_referenced() that can be used to contact the central registry to see if a certain URI is in use somewhere. This method requires a function pyramid_urireferencer.referencer.Referencer.get_uri() to determine the uri of the current request.